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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

All In is a pub near Boat Quay, along South Bridge Road. I was introduced to it by Daniel, who has a colleague who is a shareholder in it, some time back. It's like most KTV pub, but I am not very impressed with the people there. The boss, despite spending considerable time at my table due to Daniel, do not recognise me when I go there a 2nd time. Did not acknowledge me at all. Did not come to my table at all. Not that I yearn to be recognised, or that I liked him to come to my table, but I feel that's not a good way to run a pub. You want to keep your customers, and you do that by making friends with them. The waitress also didn't spend any time at my table at all. They are only interested in going to their friends' table.

Last night, I went there again. I had a bad experienced. Feeling bored, I asked the waitress that comes fill up my mug to play some games. Her answer to me is that there is too much customer, she can't sit down. Funny, I just saw her playing game at the arcade machine. Later she come back and sit down. So I asked her again. I only have beer on my table, and she said she don't like to drink beer. For those trying to figure out what does drinking beer got to do with playing games, it's because the loser got to drink as forfeit. So I told her to get something that she wanted and I"ll pay. Her answer was that she only drink Martel. Idiot. But later I found out that they do not have commission for Lady's drink. Just on bottles opened.

There's another waitress. Though she did not talk to us much, at least she recognized me from a previous visit which was almost 2 months ago. I can't even recognize her.

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Blogger AlexToh said...

I think u have to stick to ur JS. Heehee...

10/02/2007 2:22 PM  
Anonymous Kelvin said...

U like going pub to play wif waitresses ah? Den betr go JS.. all the aunties dere noe u.. :P

10/13/2007 1:17 AM  

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