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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I created 2 shortened url for this blog. 1 at tinyurl and another at urltea. I have always known of tinyurl. I only come to know about urltea recently. As they use codes to to map to the your actual url, I assume they must have increase the code sequentially, which means, as more people uses their service, the code gets longer. I can see that urltea's code is only 4 characters long while tinyurl is 6 characters long. So urltea must be new. And the fact that urltea is 1 character less than tinyurl, urltea is a better choice for now. :P

Original: StupidGenius blog
Shorten 1:
Shorten 2:

For now, urltea is 3 characters shorter than tiny url.

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