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Sunday, October 07, 2007

I've been following the story of Da Tou Fen for some time. For those who are also followers of DTF, you'll know that there's this Jackie Tan who likes to post his experience in the comments of every article. Why is posting comments about own experience bad u ask. That action in itself is not bad. However, he repeat the same comments in every article. And it's not short 5 liner paragraph. It's a very long comment. And at 1 point, he increased it to 2 long comments. The same 2 long comments every article. He's boring people to death. And deleting his comments wouldn't help as he'll just post it again.

Recently, I discovered the use of comment moderation of Blogger. The feature has been there for sometime, but I never used it. So I refer Peifen (author of DTF) to it. I wonder if it's really due to my recommendation, but soon after that, the comments is really moderated, and DTF fans are now free from the bore of Jackie Tan. Haha!

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