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Thursday, October 18, 2007

泳兒, Vincy Chan, used to be a Singapore PR. She is from Hong Kong. She can sing very well. Few years back, she took part in the 1st Project Superstar, a competition which public voting counts for a big portion of the scoring. She was eliminated in the 1st round despite having the 2nd highest score from the judges. Kelly Poon, the eventual female champion, got the highest score fromt he judges for that round. The reason is probably because in the early rounds, where the public has not know you that well, you need votes from family and friends to push you into the next round. Her parents were not in Singapore at that time, thus her votes were quite limited. But that's only speculations.

Anyway, she went back to Hong Kong after that, where she took part in another singing competition. This time, there's no public vote, and she got 2nd. She was signed up by a recording company who promptly save no effort in pushing her into the charts. Suddenly she is in a lot of variety shoes and advertisements. She guest perform in the concerts of some of the more established singers.

She is not a superstar, yet. I hope she will. I am really impressed by her singing, though she doesn't have what most people call a pretty face. But with proper makeup, she'll look pretty decent. I was disappointed in 1 of her earlier MTV as it makes her look ugly. I thought that when you don't look good, you should at least try to make yourself look better, and not make it worse.

Anyway, she has just released her 2nd or 3rd album recently. This is her new song.


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