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Thursday, November 29, 2007

I remember watching this nice movie Pay It Forward back in around year 2000. It's about a boy who has helped a lot of people and asked them to pay it forward, to help 3 more people, instead of paying him back. I like the story, and it's quite touching.

Now, Singapore also have a pay it forward culture. But it's not as nice as the culture in the film. When someone do something back to you and run away, you do the same thing to other people next time. When your car in the parking lot is scratched by other cars, next time when you scratched other cars, run away. When you misplaced your phone, and call back and fins that it's been switched off, when you find a phone next time, just switch it off, take out the sim card and put in yours.

I've heard many a times. "When I lost my phone, they never return me what". "My car also kena scratched by others what". What bullshit. I would thought that since yours was taken by other people, you should know the anguish and not cause it to other people. We are such a sorry bunch of people. So selfish and myopic.

fyi: I just lost my old T610i. Left it in the 4D shop, and the guy who found it happily pocketed it and switched off my phone immediately.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found already much better than other place for returning other ppl's lost
At least I can get back my passport, notebook and etc at the first day I lost them in a Taxi...Heehee
It's because you lost too much times :P

11/30/2007 11:09 AM  
Blogger StupidGenius said...

try asking the people around you what they would do if they find a lost phone.

11/30/2007 11:48 AM  

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