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Friday, December 21, 2007

National Treasure 2

I went to watch National Treasure last night. I had a hard time organising this. At first, we wanted to watch Warlords at 9:30pm at Cathay. Hanwen think it's too late. I found a later slot but only the 1st 4 rows are available. So I called Alex and asked him about it. He say he'll only watch if it's 7th row and above. So too bad for Hanwen. Then Alex tells me that he wanted to watch at Cineleisure instead. Cineleisure shows it at 9:15pm. So I called Hanwen again. He still thinks it's too early. Then I called Felyn. She said she's not interested in watching Warlords, but she don't mind joining us if we watched National Treasure instead. She is ok with the timing. So I called Alex to check if he's ok with National Treasure. There is no suitable time for National Treasure. So I gotta check out more cinema and finally found a slot in Prince at 9pm. I called Alex to make sure he's ok with the location. Then I called Hanwen to make sure he's ok with the timing. Then I just inform Felyn and Wanda. Don't know why nowadays guys more troublesome than girls.

Ok. Enough crap. Back to main topic.

I think National Treasure is nice. The action is good and the plot interesting enough. I shan't post spoilers this time. Overall it's qiute enjoyable.

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