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Saturday, February 16, 2008

I have a friend, Sandy. I know her through another friend Howard. Howard has been complaining to me that Sandy is making demands on him like a girldfriend though he don't see her as 1. I don't see much of it as it's their matter, not mine. Anyway, I also don't know if it's he reads too much into things or Sandy got the wrong idea.

Until 1 day, Sandy came to me. She said that she has always cared very much for Howard. For the past year, she had been receiving very confusing signals. He is sometimes very nice to her and sometimes very cold. She don't know how he feels about her and wants to talk to him about it but he has been ignoring her for the past few days. She feels she has to settle the issue before she left on a oversea assignment a few days later.

So I told her that Howard doesn't really like her. Few hours later, she told me she has made things clear with Howard. I was a bit surprised by how fast things turns out, but it's all for the better I thought.

The next day, I received a message from Howard. He asked if I said something I shouldn't to Sandy. I could have lied to him and say I didn't, but I chose the truth. He told me Sandy wants to cut all ties with him. Sandy said she never mentioned anything about cutting all ties.

He also blames me for telling Sandy things that he told me in confidence. He is fine with Sandy's decision, but he is angry that it happens because I have a hand in it.
If I am a bad person, it can happen by itself without your presense

Well, maybe I was wrong in divulging his secrets. But his secrets is causing somebody grieve. And will cause more grief to that person if I did not tell it to her. And she asked me in the first place. I did not go volunteer the info. Between the 2 evils, I chosed what I think is the lesser evil.

By saying those things to Sandy, I may have cement a reputation of not being able to keep secrets. By writing in this blog, I am broadcasting this fact. I wonder if I will have less friends in the future, but I still feel what I did is the right thing.

If there is a girl who like me that I don't like, I would be more concerned about how to let her know it as soon as possible than blaming people for telling her that. I wouldn't have behaved like nothing happen. Even if I never indicate to the girl I like her, by being aware of her feelings and not clearing things up, I'm already leading her on. And that to me is not acceptable. Even if I am wrong about her feelings, the embarassment is worth the risk.

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