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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Imagine this. I think this is what happened to a friend recently, but I am not sure as I only hear this from snippets of conversations among other friends.

A guy, who is somewhat reckless in his investment, had made his 2nd big loss in the last few months. For the 2nd lost, his girlfriend has already told him not to make the investment, but he still go ahead with it. His girlfriend left him because she say she do not have a sense of security with him.

What is the meaning of no sense of security? I would thought that if he keep making passes at other girls, or he was caught visiting places of prostitution, or he was caught having affairs, than that would be giving no sense of security to the girlfriend.

Making foolhardy investments, though is wrong, I do not agree it being a valid reason to leave a person. If she really love him, she should be working hard at helping him change, and not leave him at the 1st sign of trouble. She's worried about her future with him, but shouldn't she be worried about his future as well? By walking away from her will make her feel better? If 1 day, the guy become bankrupt, will she feel glad that she's not with him? Or should she feel sad that she didn't do more to prevent that from happening?

Maybe I got it wrong, but if that's really what happened, when I hear that his girlfriend leave him because of that, even though I feel my friend is in the wrong, the thought that come to mind is good riddance. Not that I approve of their relationship, it's none of my business, it's just that I don't think much of people who leave their partners in the lurch.

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