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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The following conversation is not for innocent pp. I thought it funny/interesting enough to put here.

StupidGenius says:
btw, u wan go anot?
my fren pull out. u can take over his tic

java says :
then u going alone?

java says:
if i slp with ger.. then i will go

StupidGenius says:
fat ugly cmi ger can anot?

java says:
she oral good?

And it doesn't end here.

java says:
normally fat.. ugly cmi ger good in oral


StupidGenius says:

java says:
thats the only thing they can do

java says:
and they swallow...

java says:
but then..

StupidGenius says:
i so wan to put wat u said in my blog.

java says:
she want to kiss u after that

java says:
and that will be the last time u want to do it with a fat ger


*disclaimer: I do not endorse the above view point. Please don't flame me.

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