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Monday, March 09, 2009

Recently I heard a story from a friend about his friend's friend. Basically I don't now the person, and I'll call him Swaykia for now.

One day, Swaykia went to meet up his good friends whom he has not seen for some time. He showed them a picture of a girl and ask them if they think she is pretty. Everyone of them answered yes and that they had a one night stand with her before. The girl is Swaykia's fiance and they are getting married soon. The wedding is cancelled immediately.

I wonder how I would behave if I am Swaykia. If the one night stands happens before she met me, I should still be able to overlook it. Even though there so many of it. But when those 1 night stands are people that I know well, then it's a different story. Hmm...

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