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Monday, May 18, 2009

They say marriage is a lifelong commitment. They also say tht marriage is the destination for 2 person in love. By extention, I take that to mean that the destination for 2 person in love is to give commitment to each other. To promise each other that you will be with them forever.

I used to not believe in commitment and promises in Love. By that, I don't mean that I am a player. I do not belief in the "No giving up the forest for the tree" shit either. It's not that I am incapable of giving commitment, but it's that I do not believe that commitment is neccessary. If you really love someone, then you won't do things to hurt him/her. For simplicity, I'll use the female form when I am talking about love interests. No more him/her or he/she. Just plainly, her or she.

Anyway, I was saying that if you love someone, then you won't hurt her. Not on purpose anyway. And if you do, it's because you think it's better for her. Unless You have a change of heart that is. If that happens, all the promises in the world count for nothing. Why would you want to keep someone who don't love you by your side? What's the point? And all the promises in the world will not be able to prevent your loved 1 from having a change of heart. It just happen, whether they meant it or not.

So what's the "used to not believe" part in my statement about? Do I have a change of heart or do I now believe that promises and commitment is a necessary evil? Love is too unpredictable and too abstract a concept to grab firmly. No matter how strongly you feel for someone this moment, the next moment may have you getting second thoughts. I've seen couples very much in love, but the feeling die out over time. I've seen someone walk away from his wedding because he he met someone that sweep him off his feet, only to realise that the wife he left behind at the altar is actually his true destiny. I've also seen a faithful husband fell in love with another woman, but chose to stay with his wife and put a lid on what is possibly his true love. I've also heard many people telling me there's no perfect person for you. You have to make do with the nearest match you come across and make the most out of it. Walking away at the "next best option" that crosses your path is not going to get you far. Because the "next best option" may not be the best option after all. And even if it is, you have a certain moral obligation, responsibility to your current choice.

So what is more important?
1. There's no point staying together if your heart is not there
2. I'll be with you through thick and thin, no matter what happens

There's probably no good answer. I used to chose 1. Now the line has shifted to somewhere in between. Where exactly the line is at will only be revealed when I come across it. I hope I don't.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

well... hmmm :)
- jas

9/10/2009 3:58 PM  
Blogger Dolphine@イルカ said...

wah.... love jus love...
no need to think so much.
if it expired, then get a new love...

11/03/2009 10:22 PM  

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