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Monday, July 27, 2009

The last time that Liverpool come play Singapore at the National Stadium, 1 of the Singapore player said that they are probably playing an away game. He's right. There's more support for Liverpool than the Singapore team in Singapore.

8 years on, Liverpool came again. Has there been any changes? Yes, it has become worse. I can understand why there's more support for Liverpool. They have a lot of good players. And more importantly, we can see their games almost every week. We rarely see Singapore games. Support for the Singapore team is probably at it's highest during the Malaysia Semi-Pro League time. But I was still caught by the surprise by the huge difference. 1 scene stand out in my mind. 2 Liverpool players were brought down by Singapore players on 2 separate occasion. There were jeers on the Singapore players on each of them. Later, a Liverpool player brought down a Singapore players, and the audience clapped.

These leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Those guys are representing our homeland. They deserves at least that little bit of respect. I am a Liverpool fan. I don't even know the names of the players in the Singapore team. If I am being honest with myself, I would prefer Liverpool to win. But to see Singapore losing 5 goals, I can't help but feel disappointed as well. The stadium is a sea of red yesterday, because Red is Liverpool's colour. Red is also Singapore's color. I feel sad for the Singapore guys that the 1st time they see their home stadium clad in their colours, it's not for them. I feel sad that the Kallang Wave and Kallang Roar last night is not for them. I feel sad though that much songs of the players were sang in the audience, but none of it is for them. Maybe that's why they concede 5 goals in the 2nd half. Who can stay motivated if ALL your fans are not only supporting your opponent, they see you as the enemy as well? I remember 8 years ago, there's still some cheers for Singapore. Why has things deteriorate so badly? I wonder if it's partly due to our national education gone bad. There seem to be less pride in being a Singaporean nowadays. Singaporeans hated our local drama production, they would much prefer to watch productions from Taiwan or USA. Unless they are doing good overseas, Singaporean artistes are not popular in Singapore. Nobody watches the S-League.

I don't think the lack of support is likely to improve. I sure above the government can find a way to create a good sense of Identity among us citizens.

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