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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I've been following the #LFC channel for some time. Ever since Chelsea came in with their bid for Torres, much have been said. I'll try to give my 2 cents worth to some of those that's been said.

1) Why does he want to leave now?

Many are baffled by his decision, me included. If he had handed in request about a month ago, it might make more sense. Last season, when we finished at 7th, when we had bad owners, and when Roy Hodgson took over and bring us to even worse depth when we thought we are already at our worst. He has endured all those times and now that we are picking up, he wants to leave? And why now, where there's only 4 days left to the end of the window? Why not when the window just opened? Ever since Dalglish took over, our play had improved. Torres have started to show the form that make him so lethal. We have started winning games. We just signed an exciting player. What had happened in this month that changed his mind?

2) Hypocrisy of LFC fans. Some said that while we expect Blackpool's Charlie Adams to hand in their transfer, and that Blackpool should not stop their player from a brighter future, and yet rejected Torres's request and said it's a betrayal.

I don't agree with that at all. There's similarities, and yet much difference. For 1, the gap between Chelsea and us is not as great between us and Blackpool. We made our intentions known to Blackpool very early. Chelsea is our direct competitor in our project back to the top of England, Blackpool do not have such a project yet.

Another argument we have is that we did not ask Charlie Adam to hand in a transfer, he did it on his own.

3) Why Chelsea?

As I've mentioned above, the gap between Chelsea and us is not that great. We had new owners who has said they are going to bring LFC to the top again, they have a billionaire who has not been spending much in the past few seasons. Though Chelsea almost always finish above us in the league, we won our fare share of games against them. Their position this year so far is not that far from us. We have a chance to overtake them at 4th place. We have gotten out of our bad run, Chelsea has not.

Add to this that he has been part of the project of bringing LFC back to the top for so long, how can he join our direct opponent and undermine our project? There are other better and more appropriate team that he go to, why Chelsea?

4) Should we keep him?

When someone dear to us do something wrong, we forgive them if they admit to their mistakes. Similarly, if Torres decided against leaving, and apologise, I'll go back to supporting him. People have branded his actions as a betrayal, and I agree. But everyone make mistakes, we should be gracious and forgiving. However, if he should leave, I'll just say goodbye to him with no ill feelings. But it's going to be weird seeing him wear the Chelsea jersey and play against us.

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