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Friday, August 13, 2010

This morning, as I was leaving my home for work, I saw this article in 新民日报, a local Chinese evening newspaper. link

It reported that some Malaysians made belachan (sambal chilli) using dye that may cause cancer. On reading the headline, my 1st thought is that, AVA should have that covered. The belachan that got into Singapore should not have that problem. Sure enough, it's reported in the article that AVA has said that there's no problem with the belachan in Singapore. Strangely, when I read that, I got 2nd thoughts.

There's a string of unfortunate events in Singapore in recent times. Mas Selamat has escaped. Our MRT train got vandalized at the depot. Flood in Orchard Road. Jolly Hangman got published. Vignes Mourthi's case come to light. Looking at how the relevant people handle these crisis, I can't help having this feeling that, I know I could be wrong but I can't shake it off, they are more interested in keeping good public appearance than anything else. When something goes wrong, denial comes 1st. Pushing blame is next.

I sure hope I am reading too much into all these. I won't want to read about cancer causing belachan found in Singapore sometime in the near future.

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