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Friday, September 30, 2011

Before I start, I'll state that this is just a rant. I have no answer for my question. I only want to say it somewhere.

I have been unhappy with my government, run by PAP, for a long time. Like most Singaporeans, I've been brought up with the concept that PAP, under the leadership of Lee Kwan Yew, is great. We have gone from a fishing village to a first world nation, with a number of first-in-the-world accolades.

Slowly, I started to be exposed to a few alternate views, and I find myself agreeing with them. PAP may have done a good job in the early years of Singapore's independence, but they do not start from a fishing village. Raffles did that part for them. I say this not to diminish the contributions done by the government of that time. They had done extremely well.

However well the government of the past did, most of them are not in the current government already. I speak of the current government and the early government like they are 2 separate entities. In my mind, they are. I am glad and grateful for what the early government did.

The current government did well for our economy too. My problem with them is only the way they go about doing it. I believe in helping the slower Singaporeans who couldn't catch up with the faster Singaporeans catch up.. I believe in taking care of Singaporeans who fell. For a long time, the current government had believe in trickle down economics, where they tried to make the rich get richer, with the hope that the riches amassed can trickle down to the poor. But what I've seen is that the income gap between rich and poor widening. While the rich made more more, the poor made less. I believe more should be done to make the poor benefit from the better economy.

I am also unhappy with the meritocracy system that PAP inplanted in our minds. I see many successful people who think that the government should not be helping the less successful because it's their own fault that they are not successful. They have only themselves to blame for earning less now. We are all Singaporeans. We should be helping everyone. And the cost of failure should not be so great that it made it hard to pick ourselves up and challenge again. And that do not mean that I believe there should be any cost for failure. There should be. We don't want people to be reckless when striving for success.

Now to the point of this article. I've had quite a few "arguments" with my friends about where I think our current policy is wrong. I realise that there will always be people who support the other side. If 1 day, a party who subscribe to my ideals become the government, there will be people who disagree with them. They will think that we are spending money frivolously. So we go into an elections every few years. A government is elected. For what? There will always be a sizeable section of Singaporeans with ideals not represented. And there can only be 1 government.

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