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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I've always preferred to buy something rather than a voucher when I want to give something to a friend. Present giving is an art. It also shows how much you know the person. The effort you need to go thru also shows how much the person means to you. And if I were the receiver, the joy of getting something you like as a present is priceless. Of course, this comes with a risk of not getting what you want, but this only makes getting the right present more sweet. And sometimes, the present that you like may not be something you know. You may be using an old wallet happily and have no thought of changing until someone got you a new one as a present. Having said all these, I am not really against the alternative. Buying vouchers or even giving ang baos as a present. It's a practical 1. The recceivers can get the things they like themselves. Or they can use it to supplement their daily expenses. Some people like that. I am ok with buying vouchers if the receivers prefers it, but it's never my present of choice. Now, what do you give when a friend, or a friend's wife, has given birth? For me, if I were visit the friend in the hospital, I'll buy bird's nest or essense of chicken. Sometime later, maybe during the 1st month celebration, then I'll buy a present for the baby. It can be baby clothes or toys. For hospital visits, you buy things for the patient, in this case, it's the mother. After giving birth, having some tonic (bird's nest, essense of chicken, etc) is good for the mother, that's why I buy it mostly. Flowers is another choice, to lighten up the hospital ward. But I seldom get that. Or fruits. Recently, a friend's wife has just given birth. Another friend asked him if his wife prefers bird's nest or essense of chicken. The reply was that they had bought a lot at home, and had pretty much everything they needed, therefore a present is not needed. And if we have to get something, a voucher will do fine. I know the friend meant well. But in this case, I feel weird giving vouchers as a present ot a patient. "Get well soon" and money doesn't seem like a good match to me. So it's probably going to be a basket of fruits for me this time. So to my friends who are reading this, please do not buy the birds's nest and essense of chickens until the baby has gone home. Give us a chance to get them for you. If we don't, then you can go buy it. Either that, you can receive a few more and take a slightly longer time to finish them. :)

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