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Friday, June 07, 2013

This is my first post of the year! The first in 9 months...

Anyway, I shall attempt to re-kickstart this blog, though I don't know when my next post is going to be...

Since Suarez is reported to have said that he can't say no to Real Madrid and that the British media treatment of him has led him to reconsider staying in Liverpool, many fans has been expressed anger and disgusts at this and hope to see the back of him in return for a hefty transfer profit to spend on rebuilding the team.

Personally, I don't think Suarez is wrong to want to leave Liverpool. According to him, the press bad treatment of him is getting to his wife and daughter. That to me, is a valid reason to consider leaving. But having said that, he also said that he has not decide on his future yet. He might not leave. If he decide to stay, all the complains thrown at him will be for nothing. And I am worried that Suarez may feel further disillusion at staying after he read all the negative comments about him.

Suarez may bring a lot of controversy, as long as he realizes his short-comings, and attempts to correct it, it's good enough. So it's wrong of him to bite another player, but he has apologised. The racist incident shows that the FA disciplinary committee have being not very fair to him.

If he want to go, then we should sell him. and get a hefty profit. No player is bigger than the club, he can do and we will replace him. But I am concerned that our better players always want to leave us after a couple of successful seasons. Have we already become a club where our bet players think we are too small for them? If Suarez is to leave now, will Coutinho follow the exit next year?

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