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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Now that Sotong, Shadow and Thierry are all not in Singapore, there's left only me and Sharon. We arranged to go to Chinatown and immerse ourselves into the festive spirits of the Chinese New Year. What a disappointment it turns out to be. With less than 1 week to go, the crowd there is quite little. Not much chicks people to ogle at there.

Before going to there, we went to the newly renovated People's Park Hawker Center for dinner. As far as I can remember, other than having better lighting and is cleaner, the place is almost the same as before it's renovated. The old stalls are still there and in the same unit as well. This will be good for locating our favorite stalls.

[IMAGE: Deity of Prosperity]
Deity of Prosperity
Saw the Deity of Prosperity there. He's now employed by Tiger Beer to sell cartons of Tiger Beer. Must be bad times in the heavens. At least he's assisted by beer ladies, not aunties.

[IMAGE: People's Park Complex]
People's Park Complex
As I was walking along the streets of Chinatown, I noticed that they have nice projections onto the side wall of People's Park Complex. There is even a laser show, but I can't see much as I was quite far away. I just saw green lasers drawing pictures on the wall.

Due to the crowd being so little, we finished the place pretty fast. This is despite me being called up to help a guy sell his ointment. He's doing some demonstration with snakes, which looks pretty boring. Then he asked me up and showed me how he can poke chopsticks at the soft spot of his throat and break the chopsticks and he did not die. I am not sure if it's for real or he aimed it lower at the top of the chest. It happens too fast.

Then he asks me to hold a pole behind my back and bring it over my head to the front. This is impossible as the shoulder joint is not meant for such movements. He said that he'll loosen the joints for me and such that I can do it. I declined and he proceeds to say I am a coward. Idiot.

I left the place soon after that and it's barely 9pm. We managed to cover Chinatown in less than 2 hours. Boring.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha, funny. why didn't u just have a try?

1/25/2006 4:55 AM  

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