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Friday, January 20, 2006


Have not been to 木船 for sometime. Since Nov 05, almost 2 months. Arranged to go there with Bel. I asked Danny and Cloud as well, but they could not make it, probably because I ased them too late.

Last year November, I wrote something about them. I mentioned that they have moved to the Safra at Carpenter Street. And that their prices have gone down. I also bumped into 1 of the boss near Bugis. He told me they have moved upstairs. The last time that I went, they were performing at the ground floor.

When I reached Safra, I've got 2 surprises. The 1st is that they are still performing on the 1st floor. I wonder why the fella told me they moved up. 2nd is that the prices have gone back to the original level. I guess that was a 1 off thing that day when I paid only $9 instead of $15.

[IMAGE: 维扬, Michael and 阿诚]
维扬, Michael and 阿诚
Tonight is the usual group, 维扬, Michael and 阿诚. Their normal female singer, 敏慧, who has not performed with them for a long time is performing on a alternate Friday from them. Strange.

They played their usual songs. Strangely, there are much less song dedications this time. The more special song of the night should be Honey, of 王幸凌. He sang 需若宣's 恨恨爱 as well. I thought Honey is much better.

I dedicated 心事谁人知, butt they did not sing that. All in all, I have a good time there.

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