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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


After having visited 3 board game cafes in the past week, Thierry wants to go to a 4th to make his reviews of board game cafes more comprehensive.

So we go with him to The Mind Cafe. We actually wanted go to Oasis 1st as I've been to Mind Cafe before. Unfortunately, Oasis had closed.

[IMAGE: Games]
We played 3 games in our 2 hours there. I won in Rumis but lost in the other 2 games.

The first is Rumis, a 3D version of Blogkus, a game we played in ">Pitstop Cafe.

The second is Junble Speed, which is abit similar to Snap! I don't like this game. The patterns on the card are too similar to each other and it’s too hard trying to tell the difference. The last game is Sorry. It's quite similar to the Aeroplane game.

Of the 3 board game cafes I went to recently (Thierry is the 1 who went to 4), Mind Cafe is the cheapest. The sofa is also quite comfortable. In fact, I thought Mind Cafe is the most comfortable. Boardgame Paradice has the biggest shop, so everything is quite spacious. In terms of service, I thought Pitstop is the best. They treat you like a friend. The others treat u like a customer, which isn't a bad thing actually. And Pitstop have New Zealand ice creams. :P Other than Boardgame Paradice, the others were quite near to town, so it's quite easy to make our way done to 1 of them.

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