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Sunday, November 26, 2006

I lost my soccer boots sometime back. I went to buy a new pair immeidately. At the shop, there's 2 designs that I am looking at. Finally I chosed 1, paid for it and left. That night, I went drinking with Art Beng and friends.

Early next morning, I bring my brand new pair of boots to a soccer match. My friends took part in this league, where we were the cellar occuppant in the 3rd division. They had been playing for some time, but I had not been able to join them until now as I injured my ankle some time back and took a long rest. I left my brand new pair of boots on the bus when I alight. *#&%$.

Needless to say, I couldn't join them for that game and left looking for the boots which I never managed to find.

Few weeks later, I went to buy a new pair of boots, as I had just went boots shopping not too long ago, I went to the shop, look for that model, try for size, and paid for it and left. When I reach home, I realise the shoe box of the last pair of boots is still at home. Looking at the label, I realise I bought the wrong pair. *#$&%!

No choice. There is no match for that week, just a kick about among ourselves. I went. The boots doesn't feel comfortable. Idiot me for buying the wrong pair.

This week, it's a friendly game. We are playing against the top team in the 1st division. The referee is the one who arranges the game. Stupid referee. It's probably do it so that he don't have to run around too much, since most of the time, the ball gonna be in our half.

We were expected to be thrashed soundly by that team. We were hoping to keep the goals conceded to 1 digit. We managed to keep the scoreline to a respectable 2-0, due to some good defending and luck. But we made 8 substitutions. That's how bad our fitness are.

My team mates were optimistic about the game. He thought we wouldn't look too bad in the end after all. however, some of our players have to leave. In fact, some of them did not come at all. We were left with a bunch of tired out individuals and our star players are not around. I am not too optimistic.

Sure enought, the floodgates opened in the 2nd half. I did not keep track, but they just keep scoring. I was playing striker at first. I did not have much chance to touch the ball, partly due to them dominating the midfield and also partly due to my understanding with my team mates aren't too good. They do not know where I run, and I do not know where they'll pass. After sometime, they wanted to substitute me. I still feel fresh. At that time, Ronnie, the right midfield, asks for a substition. So I drop to right midfield, and the new guy replace me as striker.

I tried to concentrate more on attacking as my fitness would not allow me to do both. After awhile, I realise I am not seeing any actions at all. I thought I would be of more use if I concentrate on defence. So I drop to play deep. We still leak goals. Everyone is feeling low morale. We were leaking goals. We were tired. It's hot. Even though we were used to losing, used to getting thrashed, we were expect to be thrashed. It still doesn't feel good. Everyone is just hoping for the final whistle. I wish the referee will just blow full time. In fact I wanted to go up to him to ask him to do that. Luckily I didn't.

I gave up on my defensive duties and go up again. This time, I managed to deflect a clearance by their defenders towards goal. I was first to the loose ball, run forward a bit, cut back, look up, and sawa bunch of people in front of goal. Their goalkeeper is running towards me. I know that my cross is not accurate enough to find my team mates. And I can see the goal. I took a shot. I hit it high. I tried to do it such that we would clear the keeper and dip into goal. The ball did exactly what I wanted it to. It's a rare occurance. So the ball ended in goal, and the referee blows the whistle for full time.

There isn't any celebration. We just walk back to our resting area and changed out of our soccer attire. In fact some of my team mates thought there's no goal. But inside, I feel a sense of euphoria. It's like my whole presence in the game is just for that last second of play. Just for that goal. And to add to the good feelings, we conceded only 9 goals. It sound lowly, but we were happy to just concede 9 goals and to be able to score a goal against them.

Now I don't hate my boots so much anymore. I don't feel stupid for buying the wrong pair anymore. Maybe me and that pair is meant to be together. That's why I lose the first pair. Now I scored a goal in the first competitive game I played, against a good team no less.

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