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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just Follow Law
Just Follow Law is Jack Neo's latest movie. As with his past movies, he likes to shoot movies with a theme that relates and pokes fun at an average Singaporean. This time, his got his sights at Singaporean's obsession with following the rules.

I've read a few reviews of this movie in the internet. It was mostly bad. It was criticised as lack of depth and focus. Maybe they are right. But I thought the point they are trying to bring across is clear enough, is funny enough, is good enough. Maybe they were trying to convey too many points until you can't really tell which is the main point they want to say. Nevertheless, I had a good laugh.

Much has been said about Singaporean's attitude with following the rules. We are unwilling to do things that did not specify in the rule book that we can do it. We are not willing to to challenge ourselves in doing high risk stuff for higher results. We are too prone to sacrifising quality for stability.

We also live in our own world too much. Most of us would have complained about how bad our employers/managers are, about how they do things stupidly, etc. And mostof us would have complained about how are suboridnates are not hardworking enough or not capable enough. Most of the time, we are too focused on what people do wrong than to look for what they do right instead. Nor do we think about what we do wrong. So in this movie, Jack Neo arranged for Gurmit Singh's blue collar worker character to have his soul swapped with Fann Wong's senior management character. Only then do they understand what the other has to go through, what they have done wrong themselves.

There are a lot of nice lines from the movie. The 3Bs that workers like to follow is Bang Leo, Bang Sai, Bang Pui and Bang Gang. Profession means 有功做,用心做,做不好,照收钱. For some things in live, it's not whether you can, but whether you dare. There are more. It's ok to break rules if you broke it at the right time. Catch the movie to find more.

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