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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

When I go visit Kelvin at his clinic, he told me that he's going home for dinner and ask me along. I thought since he and his wife are working and have no time to cook, it's probably to eat at nearby eateries. It turned out that he meant going to his parent's home for dinner. It's abit paiseh, but his mum is a good host. His cousin, Derrick and his brother Adrian are going for the soccer session as well.

There are 8 of us, so we played 4-a-side. This time I played quite badly. Can't control the ball properly at all, but I scored a good goal at the beginning. After that, when fatigue comes in, I am terrible. Not that I am that good to begin with. I had a few knocks on the shin and a fall. There is now a slight pain at the shin, which I think should go away after awhile, and a big cut at the knee. It's only superficial and should heal after some time. I don't think my old knee problem act up this time though there are times when I feel I may have aggravated it. Luckily it turns out fine.

[IMAGE: Knee]

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