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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kelvin asked me to play street soccer at the-place-formerly-known-as-NIE at 8:15pm. It was quite a inconvenient place for me as there's no direct bus or MRT. And I went to Orchard Road during the late afternoon and finished doing my stuffs by 6pm. Seeing that I have a lot of time left, I went to Kelvin's hearing clinic at Bishan. And since I am there, I took a hearing test. They give free hearing tests to people who are concerned about their hearing, so if you think you have hearing problem, maybe you want to check them out. They have a few branches in the different parts of Singapore, just click on their website and look for the clinic nearest to you. And the hearing aids now very high tech. So small that your friends would not know that you are using hearing aids, so no scared. :) And if you have hearing problems, if it's not too serious, you can still manage without hearing aids, and there's no obligations to buy.

Enough advertising for him, let's go see my test results.
TYM audiogram
I have been having doubts about my hearing. I am a tank commander in the army. Operating in tanks can be quite noisy, especially when it comes to live firing. Luckily it turns out fine. I don't really understand the audiogram, but Kelvin says my hearing is good. Phew.

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