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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Daniel invited us to his house today. I am supposed to meet Sotong at Admiralty MRT at 3:30pm. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my wallet. I realized it only when I reached the MRT station, and have to go back home to get it. In the end, I was 15 minutes late. Even then, we were still the earliest. Thierry came soon after, followed by Jean. Sharon is the last of us to arrive.

We played Blackjack. I am quite lucky in this game and managed to win quite a few. I always bet only $0.50, except once when Sharon is the banker, where I bet $2. I got blackjack for that round. There's another time where I got 16 pts for 4 cards and decided to risk a 5th card and I've got 5. So I won double for that round, and the banker, Jean, go on to win that round with 5 cards as well. If I had settled for 16, I would have lost double.

Towards the end, my luck starts making a turn for the worse though. When I was the banker, I've got 14 pts with 4 cards and am forced to take a 5th. I got a 9. Have to pay everyone double... When for the last game, Thierry the banker has lost quite a lot of money. So I tell him I am willing to bet $10 on the last game if he dares to take it up. If I lost, he'll recoup his loses, and I am just back to square 1 only. But if I win, he's going to double his loses. In the end, he chicken out decided to limit me to only a $5 bet. He won the game.

After the Blackjack game, Thierry left for another gambling session gathering. The rest of us just played some games for awhile more before going for a late and light dinner as we had quite a lot of snacks and isn't too hungry, before going home.

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