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Monday, January 30, 2006

After visiting Ken at his new house, I went to Chinatown to meet up with Sharon, Thierry, Sotong and Jean for a KTV session in Party World Oriental. We booked a room until 3am. The singing went as normal, but this time there are considerably less Twins songs. :P

Anyway, after the singing, we went to Boat Quay for supper. This is because the bus-stop where we care going to take the night buses for going home is there. This being the festive season, 162M is running, and that means Thierry got to take a night bus back as well. The other night bus that goes to his place, NR 1, stops at a place where he'll need 20 minutes to walk home.

His bus came first. And Sharon and I continue to wait for our NR 5. We become suspicious when there's not a single NR after waiting for 20 minutes. It turned out that there are no NR buses tonight! They are supposed to operate on Eve of public holidays, and today is Saturday, and tomorrow is a holiday, so if this isn't an eve of public holiday, then what is? Maybe they wanted to let their drivers have an off night during the 1st day of CNY, fine, but why isn't there any notice to announce it?? Sharon and I were waiting like idiots for a bus that will never come.

And to make it worse, it being the first day of CNY, 60% of the cab drivers is on leave, making it even more difficult to get a taxi. We only managed to get 1 after walking to the Clark Quay MRT area. I have already made a call to the taxi company to make a reservation when Sharon managed to hail a cab.

It's a Merc cab she got, and an environmental friendly one. It's quite a nice ride. The driver is a nice person who answers any queries that we have without being too talkative*. And the car is quite comfy.

I am really quite disappointed in SMRT. On a day where there is supposed to be night buses, they did not do it and did not inform! I could have saved a lot of time, and some money as well, by taking a taxi straight from Chinatown if I had known there's no Night Buses. I don't have to walk to Boat Quay. Grr.

*Update: Sharon complained told me that the driver was complaining that I am not gentlemanly and that I should send her home first among other things. Still a nice driver nonetheless.

More on the KTV from Thierry

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

berm i din complain he was talkative lor... juz told u wat he said mah :p anyway he's quite a nice man lah

1/31/2006 1:27 AM  

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