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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Last week, I was having dinner with Alex and Bel in Orchard. I was talking to Alex about playing mahjong during this Chinese New Year, and we thought of Ken. We have not met him for about 8 years I think. It has been a long time, maybe we can meet up after all this time and have a game of mahjong like we used to.

After calling him, we found out that he has ROMed and his new house opposite Kenbangan MRT station. We could use the opportunity to visit him at his new place as well. I called up Franky, the forth person in our group, and tell him about our plans to visit Ken for mahjong on the first day of CNY. Unfortunately, he says he would not want to play mahjong, though he would like to go visit Ken. And we can't really find another person to for the mahjong, plus the fact that Ken do not have any mahjong set or table in his new house, we decide to just meet up for dinner.

On arriving in his house, we find it a nice place, too bad I did not take any pictures. It's a condo called Trumps. There are still a lot of empty units there, must be due to the bad times. :P Anyway, his unit is a first floor unit, and it comes with a courtyard. It's a cement courtyard, so you can't have a garden, but he put a table in the middle of the court yard and uses it as the dinning area. And with candles, it makes a nice atmosphere for a gathering. Almost like a restaurant. But I see 2 bad points about this dinning area.

First is the lack of covers. It will be bad if it rains. We will have to huddle in the floor of the living room for our dinner. :P Lucky it did not rain.

Second is the lack of lighting. It's nice to eat in such conditions once in awhile. Especially when he has just moved in for 2 days, and has a bunch of old school friends coming for a visit on a new year. But I can't imagine eating in those conditions every day. :P

Ken and his wife are good hosts. The dinner is nice and sumptuous and they prepare a wonderful dessert to top it off. Thanks to you Ken and Angelyn!

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