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Saturday, February 11, 2006


Action has been so kind as to organize our annual Lou Hei gathering. And paid for half of it. Thanks. :)

It's been 13 yrs since our graduation from GESS. There have been numerous gatherings since then. This is the first time that everyone of our gang came. Not even at the wedding dinners of our guys have drawn a full attendance. And this time, a few wives and fiancés came along. And a baby as well. Our group has sure grown quite a fair bit!

[IMAGE: Dinner]
We decided to hold this dinner at the coffee shop below my flat as there's quite a number of us staying in the west and it's not too west that it's very inconvenient for those living in the east. And CH stays here as well.

[IMAGE: Lou Hei]
Lou Hei
I was 40 minutes late for this gathering as I have some work stuff to rush. But I am not the latest. QM and Cindy came about 30 minutes after me and JF, ML and baby came another 30 minutes later. We did not wait for JF to come to start our dinner. But we kept aside some of the dishes that he missed for him and his family of course.

We had originally thought that YF would not be coming. But just as we started eating, Action received a call/message from him saying he's coming as well. By the time he came, we were almsot finished with the food. But again, we kept aside a big portion for him.

[IMAGE: JF's girl]
JF's girl
This girl stole the show when she arrived with JF and ML. Justin and Alice were happily playing with her.

After dinner, we went to CH and Alice's new flat. They bought a upgraded flat nearby my place, and it's already quite nicely done up when they bought it. And they have MaxTV sports channel. That means I can go to their place to watch soccer next time. Haha!

That wraps up the evening, but we'll see each other again very soon. It's CH and Alice's wedding in 2 weeks time. :)

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Blogger sotong said...

wow so nice.... i dun have such a big gathering these days..... :P

2/11/2006 8:52 AM  

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