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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hong Lim Crayfish Hor Fun

There are a lot of nice stalls in Hong Lim Food Center. I especially liked the curry chicken noodle. The Outram Park Char Kway Tiao is also good. And there's a western food stall selling good and cheap pasta. There are numerous stalls there with some food award. Laksa, prawn noodle, minced meat noodles, curry puffs, etc.

I've always heard of the crayfish hor fun stall, but every time I went there, I couldn’t help but ordered the chicken curry noodle. This time, I've finally ordered the hor fun. The stall is on the 2nd floor, at the back side of the first row of stalls. It's at the corner near Chinatown point. When I was there, there's already a queue, but it's not as long as the curry chicken noodle. Thankfully.

The hor fun itself is already quite nice. It's Ipoh hor fun style. The crayfish made it looks more appetizing, and it's only $4. You can order a bigger plate with bigger cray fish for $6.

After finishing it, I would say that it did not disappoint me. This would probably not be the last time I eat it. :)

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