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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


The pyjamas party is nearing, so I arranged with Thierry, Daniel and Sharon to go pj party in Carrefour in Suntec City. Unfortunately, they do not sell pj for guys there so Thierry, Sharon and I went to Carl's junior for dinner and Daniel went home.

We then head to Pitstop cafe for some games. We passed by Raffles City on the way to the bus stop and head to Robinson to look for pjs again. They did sell, but it's quite expensive. The cheapest is $30, but it's quite ugly. I like Hush Puppy, but it cost $39.90. We shall go Chinatown tomorrow and see if they sell cheaper pjs...

Only 2 persons is manning the shop when we get there. They have just bought some new games from USA. So we get to play some new games.

[IMAGE: Guesstures!]
First game is Guesstures. It's actually Charades. There are displays on each side of the device. A word will appear on 1 side, and the person looking at that display will try to act out the word and the people on the other side will attempt to guess the word that he's acting. After the guess is made correctly, the person doing the acting can decide if he wanted to act out 1 more word or stop there. The team has 30 seconds to do all the acts/guesses that they want before switching to the other team's turn. There's 1 point for every correct guess. However, if the team did not managed to guess the last word before time runs out, then there will be zero point for that turn. Thierry, Sharon and I make 1 team. The 2 bosses and their friend make the other team. In the end we won. Sharon and Thierry are quite good at guessing what I am acting. Some of the words are pretty hard and the acts are quite obscure.

[IMAGE: Coda]
The next game is Coda. There are 22 number tiles of 2 colours, black and white. The tiles are numbered 1 to 11 for each colour. Each player will draw 3 or 4 tiles each, depending on the number of person playing, and arrange it smallest number on the left, and biggest number on the right. If 2 tiles have the same numbers, the black tile goes on the left. Turn by turn, each player will draw tile, and without looking at the number on that tile, point at any 1 of the opponent tiles and guess the number. If he guesses correctly, the opponent have to reveal the tile, and the player can make either another guess or put that tile he just drew and put it into his tile set accordingly. If he guesses wrong, then he has to show the new tiles before putting it in. When all the tiles are drawn, the players continue guessing turn by turn, but they have to reveal 1 tile on their hand if they guessed wrongly. Thierry won the 1st game and I won the second.

[IMAGE: Game of Life]
Game of Life

Setting upReading the instructions and sorting out the pieces
Setting upPlacing the pieces on the board. This game have quite a lot of things to do for set up, however the pieces is white did not serve any purpose other than to make the game look nicer.
PlayingSharon and Thierry pondering on their moves. Basically we took turns to spin on the wheels to see how many steps to move our pieces. The steps on the boards are what we'll do in our lives. Studies, getting a job, getting married, buying houses, having kids and retirement.
The endThe end games when everyone is retired. You count who has the most money and you have the winner. Which is me.

[IMAGE: Slacking]
After playing the Game of Life, our time is almost up. So we just stay around and slack for awhile and taking pictures.

[IMAGE: Another game]
Another game
This is an interesting toy. They showed us this game and let us play even though time is up. Nice people the Pitstop bosses are. It consists of 6 games. We played one of them. the toy will call out a colour and we are supposed to maneuver it such that the colour announced is on top.

This is another fun night for us. The games are nice, and the people there are nice. This very probably will not be our last visit there.

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