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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Paris District Court has ordered Warner to stop French sales of copies of Phil Collins' CD, "Testify," that contain digital rights management processes that are so restrictive as to block users from making copies of songs "on any media of their choice".

Authors cannot forbid the reproductions of Works that are made on any format from an online communication service when they are intended to be used privately and when they do not imply commercial means directly or indirectly.

Exactly, the law shouldn’t forbid me from ripping the original CD that I bought into mp3 so that I can listen to it in my mp3 player. It's so stupid to bring out the big and bulky CD player when the mp3 player is so small nowadays. And I should also have the rights to back up the original copy that I bought in case I damaged/lost it. Too bad in Singapore, it’s still illegal to do that.


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