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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Conflict with Tai Sui
This year, those born under the Chinese Zodiac signs Dragon, Dog, Cow and Goat, are in conflict with Tai Sui. I don't the exact details, but it generally means you going to have bad luck for the year unless you go to the Tai Sui temple and pray. And that's where I am headed just now with my Dad. It's in Jurong, near Cycle and Carriage along the AYE.

[IMAGE: Entrance]
On reaching the temple, we bought the pray package from the counter. It consists of a packet of tea leaves, some cracker snack, 2 red candles, 3 joss sticks and a stack of gold/silver paper. First you open the packet of tea leaves and the cracker and place it on the table in front of the statue for Tai Sui. Then you light your candles in the oil lamp by the side and stick it into the candle holders 2 sides of the altar. Next, you light your joss sticks at your candles and you pray to Tai Sui to go easy on you. Finally, you put a token sum in a ang bao and place it together with your gold/silver paper on the table as well.

[IMAGE: Tai Sui altar]
Tai Sui altar
There were quite a lot of people at the temple to appease Tai Sui. This time of the year is probably a busy time of the year for the temple.

[IMAGE: Left pond]
Left pond
They have 1 pond on each side of the entrance with big fishes in it. This is the pond on the left.

[IMAGE: Left pond]
Left pond
The fishes inside are quite huge. Quite a number of Lohan fishes in there. The bigger 1s are probably about the sized of my body.

[IMAGE: Right pond]
Right pond
The right pond is under lock and grill. But you can still see into the pond. If I think the fishes in the right pond is huge, it's because I've not seen the fish in this left pond. The picture may not show it clearly, but the length of the fish should be at least my height! I think it's too small a pond for so big a fish though.

So with the ritual completed, I hope the year ahead will be profitable for me. :)

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