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Thursday, February 02, 2006


This evening, I went to GC place with Linda, Sotong, Thierry and Sharon for a visit. She has told me she hired a Feng Shui master to see her house when they do their renovation, and on reaching her place, I really spotted a lot of Feng Shui enhancements. And my knowledge on Feng Shui matters is only scrapping on the surface.

First thing I see when I stepped through the door is a screen at the end of the door way. Beyond the screen is the door way to the study, and then it's the window. It's is bad Feng Shui to have a door facing a door / window directly, and hence the screen.

The second thing I saw is a huge mirror beside the dinning table. This is to signify the doubling of food / income.

Third thing I saw is figures of frog with coin in it's mouth at the main door doorway facing away from the door. This signifies money coming into the house.

Forth thing I saw is various water bodies in certain corners of the house. I would think that her husband belongs to either the fire, wood or water element. The water bodies are probably used to enhance the water and wood elements, which are beneficial to water, wood or fire.

Fifth is the placement of miniature cannons pointing at the MRT track. The MRT track is believed to be a destructive force to the house and hence the cannons to counter it.

There are also Kirin type of creatures thought out the house. I don't know what they supposed to signify. In fact, I can't even be sure of whether what I said above is absolutely true. If you are looking for Feng Shui advice, please consult the experts; do not take my word for it.

[IMAGE: Twister]
Linda left after awhile, leaving the 5 of us to chat. GC brought out her Twister game for us to bring to the party on Saturday. Thierry and I decided to try it out. I got more aggressive as the game wore on and moved to restrict the areas that Thierry can reach. The next command after the position in the picture above is to place the right leg on a red. I swing my right leg to the front easily, but Thierry is trapped and he can't reach it, so I win. Haha!

[IMAGE: Slapper]
The next game that we played is In Between. We didn't want to gamble money, so we decided to play for slaps on the palm instead. To keep it simple, we set that when a card hit the goal post, it's 3 slaps. When it's outside the goal posts, it's 2 slaps. When it's within the goal posts, the player is safe. If the player decided not to make a try, it's 1 slap. So we were merrily slapping each other until when it's time to go home. :P

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