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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Garry and June are organizing another gathering at their house. This time, they have bought mahjong set and mahjong table. Supposedly, they bought it after June won about $60 in a previous mahjong session. Garry has also learned to play the game since.

We started with 1 wind with Garry, June, Samwin and me playing. After a while, Cloud came and we play the round a new round. I lost a few dollars this time. I did not win anything at all. No hu, no kang, no ga.

[IMAGE: Mahjong]
June gave her seat to Cloud when he came and we start everything again. This round is pretty much the same for me, no hu, no kang, no ga. $0 income for the whole round. Only losing money. But I still managed to lose the same amount as Garry. Haha!

We went for dinner in a coffee shop nearby midway thru the game. Popular this coffee shop is. Reservation you must make, before going down you are.

We decided to go for a third round. This time June replaced Garry. My luck improved significantly for this round. I managed to win quite a number of times. I recouped more than 1/2 of my loses for the 2nd round. I hope this will be the turning point of my bad gambling luck for the year...

After the game, Sang Wee gave us a treat at Jalan Kayu because he's the big winner. By the time I reach home, it's already almost 5am. And I am supposed to go to East Coast Park for another inline skating session at 10am...

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