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Thursday, March 16, 2006

All except William

This is my 2nd outing in 2 days. This time is to meet my ex-colleagues. There were 7 of us. CLJ brought Trish along, so that makes 8. Much better than 3. :P Anyway, we did not realize it, but Kelvin and William do not know Freedom and CLJ, having left the company before they joined.

We met at Suntec. Only Clarice and I were on time. The others are all late. We went to NYDC for dinner. This is the first time that I did not eat desserts in NYDC. Nobody wanted to order any dessert as they want to go for a drink after that.

alley bar

We took a bus to Alley Bar in Orchard road. Trish said that they have free flow potato chips, but there aren't any at all when we arrived. And the beer is expensive. And 1 staff is rude. We have a packet of cookies on the table. The staff walked by and saw the cookies and demand that we keep it as outside food is not allowed. I can abide with the no outside food policy, but the staff could have been more polite in informing us about it. When he left, I go ahead and eat more cookies.

4 of us shared a jug of beer, and I had quite a lot of it. It's now 1:56 am and I have to wake up early tomorrow for my first day in my new job...

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