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Monday, March 13, 2006


This time to Arsenal. Lost 2-1 Highbury. To be honest, Arsenal played really good. They controlled the midfield. Somehow all stray balls to the center of the field were picked up by Arsenal players. In past games with them, Gerrard had always not being able to neutralize Vieira. With Vieira gone, we had not been able to neutralize the gunners midfield either.

Thierry Henry is scary. Together with the midfield, they had carved out numerous chances. While on our end, Crouch, again, can't score to save his life. This is getting on our nerves.

We improved in the second half and managed to get back into the game when Garcia scored a header. All that has gone to moot when 1st, Alonso got his 2nd yellow card, and hence a red card, followed by Gerrard's abysmal back pass which was intercepted by Henry which he scored subsequently.

And there goes another game. Manure had won their game against Newcastle and pulled ahead from us. Grr.

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