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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Somehow the title seems so wrong. People who found this entry while searching for golden shower will be so disappointed. :P

This is only from my point of view. There may be more to this account that I do not know of.

I was organising a KTV outing with 2 long-time-no-contact friends and spouse of 1 of them. I set the date with them to be 11th March last week, to which they agreed.

Just now, I was trying to remind them about it, so I IM them. 1 of them say she can't. She says that I did not confirm with her. I was slightly pissed off at this point. I had told her the date, and she has agreed. How much more confirmation is needed.

For the benefit of doubt. we shall assume it's not confirmed. Maybe I did not make myself clear enough. Even then, she is aware as that date as a possible date for our outing, if she wants to make alternate plans, shouldn't she ask me and see if the outing is still on? There's still 3 more days to 11th March. I don't think it's too late a time to seek confirmation either. It's quite a rude shock to me.

She goes on to ask me who is going and I replied her. Then she say it's too little people and that we should go meet for dinner another day. I am fine with that plan. But it seems to me that now it's my fault that the outing can't goes on because I did not get more people, which made me even more mad.

The 3 of us were then in a mass IM chat about the proposed dinner plan. I can't help passing some sarcastic remarks about it. After all, I am pissed off and wanted to vent some frustration. She took offense to it and is now pissed at me, and I had to go appease her. Grr.

Anyway, all is settled now and things are back to normal.

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Anonymous humsup said...

hmm...maybe today her "BIG AUNTIE" come leh.

3/08/2006 4:09 PM  

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