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Thursday, March 02, 2006

After the first interview, I went to Bugis to meet Ian for lunch. After lunch I still have a few hours to kill before the 2nd interview, so I go to Funan Center and surf web using the free hotspot.

This 2nd interview I've gotten via KW, whom I met during Jinmei's wedding. He told me his company is looking for people and I applied. I did not even know that they are actually looking for php/perl people. I've been to the building before, but this time it's under construction and I was a bit lost so I was a bit late.

Again, I thought the interview went quite well. This is another heavy-hours job. I even have to do 24 hours stand by. But I think this will be an exciting adventure. The side to this job is that it's not in town and food choices are limited. If I get it, I will give serious thought to getting a driving license, so that I can increase my lunch choices. :P Maybe a bike license since bike is cheaper.

After that I went Ikea and spotted some nice beds and cupboards. Will need to come down again. I tried to get my free coffee, but apparently my card expired.

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