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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Pink Panther

I am supposed to go to Marina Mandarin for a wedding dinner at 7:30pm. So there's time for a movie at 4:30pm, and I went to Marina Square to watch Pink Panther with Samwin.

I shall not hide the spoilers for this movie this time. The entertainment value of this movie is in the comedy antics, and not the story. And I must say, the entertainment for this movie is very high. It's hilarious. I've not laugh so hard throughout the movie in a long time. The brand of comedy reminds me of Stephen Chow, but I think Stephen chow will have a thing or 2 to learn from Steve Martin. I would highly recommend this movie.

Pink Panther is a very valuable diamond ring. It belongs to the France national team coach. He was killed in a game and the ring goes missing. The chief of police decided too appoint a bungling Inspector Clouseau to the case. He wanted someone to bungled up the investigation,, after which he'll step in to wrap up the case. This is to increase his profile so that he can finally win the elusive medal of honour.

And as the standard storyline goes, even though Inspector Clouseau every action is a joke, he still managed to pip the police to solving the case.

Ordinary story line, but great laughs. Definitely worth the $9.50.

[IMAGE: Pink Panther]
Pink Panther

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