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Wednesday, February 22, 2006




你說你打算過 將一切信任我

你說你於當天 如何面對眾多抉擇

* 過去我愛每日忙 習慣想很遠的渴望
這晚你最後在旁 沒半點感覺的對望
讓你愉快 尋求別個地方
來忘掉我 不用說最終的晚安

# 讓你愉快 凡塵內某地方
能留住你 可讓你心釋放 * #

過去這一張紙 解釋你愛著我
在見證 願永相依的心窩
你與我將簽紙 來塗掉了昨天意義
Repeat * #

There are only so many things that you can write about. Especially Chinese songs. Sad love songs are everywhere. Someone once told me about something that Richard Marx had said. It's something like this:
I'll always sing sentimental ballads, because that’s what the most people liked to hear.

I did not verify that it really came from his mouth, so don't flame me if you are sure it's not from him. Tell me nicely and I'll edit this post. If it's indeed him, It's also probably not his exact words. I did not hear it straight from the horses mouth, and it's being a long time since.

Ok, I digress enough. Sad love songs are, IMHO, easier to write. Easier to write because it's easier to make up sad love misfortunes, at least it's the case for me. And sad songs can touched people more easily. A lot of people will have sad things happened to them in their lives. The correct lyrics at the correct time will identify them to the song, and they'll seek solace in the song.

Back to sad love songs. The more common topic that I see is 1 of letting go someone you love. 成全 is letting go magnanimously. 安静, 心如刀割 and I Do is letting go with a broken heart. There are more, but these 4 left a deeper impression on me. Maybe I'll write about them sometime in the future.

让你愉快 is quite an old song. I am not sure, but I won't be surprised if it's more than 10 years old. So what is this 让你愉快 about?

It's also about letting go. But this is slightly different. The couple in the story were married. The guy had won the girl's heart amid much competition. She had liked him for his energy, drive and ambition. Sadly, it's this energy, drive and ambition that slowly pull them apart. So after being neglected after their marriage, they decided on divorce. The guy is sad that things have to come to this. He regretted not paying more attention to his wife, but the only thing he can do now is to sign on the line and let her get on with her life.

It's a more specific topic, but it paints a vivid picture. Coupled with Jacky Cheung's masterful singing, this song is leaves a deep impression.

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