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Sunday, February 19, 2006

I went for the regular Sunday morning soccer session this morning. I have not played for a long long time. I can't remember when is the last time I played with them. My play is pretty bad, all shots gone hay wiring. Furthermore, I sort of aggravate my knee problem a bit, but I still feel ok enough.

I am meeting the guys for another Inline-skating session in East Coast Park. The game finished early and if I go straight to East Coast from there, so I went home to take a bath before meeting with Sharon and go together.

Today's skating session is quite fun. I feel I am starting to get used to the skates. But there's 1 incident where I had a fall. I think it's due to bad balancing. Anyway, my left leg strike the ground at a bad angle. Now both my legs pain me when I walk. Grr.

After the skate session, we went to Burlinton Square to have our dinner. It's quite nice. After dinner, we went home.

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