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Thursday, February 16, 2006

The army is so good. They made us go back for 2 hours today to take our blood sample for HIV test. All because they sent us to Australia for training in October last year. Funny though, I seem to remember there should be a couple of condoms given to us before the trip, but I never got it. Maybe the policy has changed.

The timing is 12pm to 3pm. I left office at 11:10am and reached the camp at 12:10pm. Anyway, I took about 45 minutes to take the blood sample, with the majority of the time spent in the queue. There are only 2 medics to take our entire blood sample. As it is nearing my queue, the 2 persons behind me were saying that the medic on the right looks quite proficient in the art of drawing blood. So far he only needs 1 try on each person.

And he's the 1 who is supposed to draw my blood. He poked the needle into my vein, and drew air. On seeing the air, he pushed back the syringe, and adjusts a bit and still drew air. After a few tries, I suggested to him to change a vein. So he pulled out the needle and poked at my other arm. This time, it's exceptionally painful. I've drawn blood sample quite a number of times, I've never had such pain before. Luckily he managed to draw enough blood for this.

And until now, at 1:30 am, I still feel a pain at the spot where he poked the syringe in the 2nd time.

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