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Sunday, February 12, 2006


It's the annual Huat gathhering at Mich and Jerry's place today. Huat as in 发财 that huat. They started at 1:30pm, but I was at Queenstown library at 1:30pm. :P And to make it worse, I overslept in the MRT and reached Aljunied before getting down, switch side to go to City Hall, then transfer up to AMK. Almost missed the stop at AMK as well. Reached there at about 3pm. But there are some who went there much later.

They were playing Blackjack when I arrived. I did not feel my luck is good for this year, so I did not join. After a while, the TV started showing 千机变 之 花都大战. The story is a bit crappy, but the effects is quite nice. And most importantly, it stars Twins! :)

Lou Hei
Mid way thru the show, it's lou hei time. Huat ar!

I joined them for a game of Blackjack after that. I prepared $3 and lost all of it and I stopped. They carried on their gambling activities while I watch TV. I joined them later when they started playing mahjong. Lost $22 there. This year's luck really look bad there. Sigh.

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