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Sunday, February 19, 2006

I just read about a wish for a 轰 轰 烈 烈 的恋爱. I would think most of us would wish that, due to all the romantic movies and TV series we've seen. Maybe I am just being picky on the words, but 轰 轰 烈 烈 gave me an impression that it's for a short strong burst. I would like those 一起变老 kind of romance.

In that same blog that I read, there's a mention of 1 half of a couple being terminally ill. This brings to mind an incident a couple of years back that I read from the newspaper. A man got married to his long time girlfriend even though she had only 3 months left to live. Some people will say that it's no point, or that the girl should not do this to her lover, etc. I don't know what went through in the minds of those 2 persons, but I'll imagine the best scenario I can think of.

The thing that the guy wanted most in his life is to be married to his lover, and be able to give her love till the day that either or both of them died. 就算只剩一天,也要好好活. Even if only 1 day is left, he would want to be with her, to give her happiness.

The girl knew that she is dying. She do not want her lover to bear the burden of being a widow when 3 months is all she can give him. But she knows that he would not want to have it any other way. She can't give him a lifetime of happiness, do she want to deny him that 3 months as well? She is not being selfish. She just wanted to use what she has left to love her lover.

This will be the 轰 轰 烈 烈 的爱情. So sad, so 无奈 and yet so beautiful. I prefer to 一起变老, but if I am put into such circumstances, then I think I'll make similar decisions.

Giving is the essence of all relationship, not only love. The same could be said about employer/employee, parent/son, friends, etc. Whatever I do, I will put you ahead of myself, and you'll do likewise. This way, there's balance, and maximum benefits can be obtained for each other. Sounds so logical and unromantic, but if everyone do what I said, then this world will become that bit more romantic.

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Blogger sotong said...

ahhhh....... this is the kind of 轰轰烈烈 that i'm actually thinking of leh...... in the last few moments of the life, being with the love of your life, dun care about the illness..... hehehe..........

you're right to say that know that if know he/she dying liao, shouldnt deny the other half the rest of the happiness...... but hor......... if lets say the relationship have never started, like in the MV i mentioned hor.... (the MV the gal sort of passed away after knowing about it, so she din have a choice whether to be with him anot....) if lets say the healthy party goes after the dying party, then should the dying party start the relationship with the living party?

super hard decision to make in my opinion...... cos if choose to start the relationship, maybe i'll be happy until i die... but the one living.... what will happen to him leh? if dun be with him, maybe he can forget you faster ba..... memories that he owns about you will be lesser, so to forget you and to love another person might be easier ba..... its hard, to step out of the previous love... esp if you've been together for some time.... so even if its so painful not being able to be with your loved one, esp when both love one another, that could be the choice some ppl would make ba.....

for me, now i really duno.... what choice i would make ba..... in the past i would choose to be with him... now, i duno liao..... hahaha.......

2/19/2006 11:25 AM  
Blogger StupidGenius said...

But it's not abt heing happpy until you die when start the relationship. It's abt making the other fella happy.

It all depend on the pp. Who's to judge whether the living party will be happier if the relationship got start anot? After the dieing party died, the living one may be very sad, but if he really love her, he gonna be sad whether the relationship got start anot. And those short months may just be the happiest time of his life, which will be denied to him if the girl scared he will be sad when she die.

This is all up to couple to decide liao. Not a easy call, but if me is the living party, i sure hope the ger would not deny me.

2/19/2006 1:24 PM  
Blogger sotong said...

i'm thinking in both sides point of view ba......... start the relationship ar....... both of us happy....... but i thinking more on the "recovery" stage for the living one, when the gal die liao, then how much time the guy need to take for him to recover from the grief leh?

but i gotta agree totally ar....... that if i am the living party, i wont wan the dying party to reject me cos of his/her illness......... i wan the dying party to spend the last moments of his/her days happily.... with memories of us together.....

btw... our point of view is coincidentally in the point of view of the two different parties.... you're looking in the living party point of view, while i looking at the dying party point of view......... i agree with you if i'm the living party.... if lets say you're the dying party, how would you choose leh?

2/19/2006 1:45 PM  
Blogger StupidGenius said...

nope nope. my point of view is in the dieing party. A dieing party who will take the living party point of view into consideration. The dieing party do not decide for the living party what is best for him/her.

2/19/2006 9:59 PM  
Blogger sotong said...

ok......... wah you 一言惊醒梦中人 hahaha........ if dying person think in the way how the living person would think..... hmmm......

sighz, i think i think too much liao wahaha..... though my life been rather "dramatic" but i dun think this kinda thing will happen to me ba.... i mean the love part not the illness part :P

2/20/2006 12:28 AM  

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