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Thursday, February 16, 2006


NO, don't worry, Pitstop is running strongly, though they would love it if you can visit them more often.

Sharon has arranged dinner with Shadow and Dhanny this evening. We went to Pitstop Cafe again.

[IMAGE: Sorry!]
We had our dinner there, after which we played our first game, Sorry. This time, I am the champion. The set of Sorry! they had is brand new. Nobody has played it since they bought it.

[IMAGE: Swap!]
This is a card game similar to Uno. Sharon is the winner for this game.

[IMAGE: Pitstop Staff]
Pitstop Staff
This is Timothy of Pitstop. He once tried to impersonate me.

[IMAGE: Dhanny]
This is Dhanny's first visit to Pitstop.

[IMAGE: Jenga]
After Swap!, we played 2 games of Jenga. I lost the first game, Shadow lost the second. You realize the games we played tonight are all non-strategy game. Less taxing on the brain. :P

[IMAGE: Valentine's balloon]
Valentine's balloon
It's Valentine's day 2 days back, and we've had their Valentine's day special, which is $10 for a triple scoop sundae and free flow of drinks and 2 hours of gaming, and the girls get a heart shaped balloon.

[IMAGE: Presents]
Shadow bought us presents from USA.

[IMAGE: Frogs]
Thierry's Frog
Dhanny's Frog
My Frog
Noticed that 1 frog is special?

[IMAGE: Sharon, Thierry and me]
Sharon, Thierry and me
Picture of Sharon, Thierry and me, as usual.

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