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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Jinmei and Vincent

Before I talk about the wedding, I would like to say something about Jinmei. She's a pretty girl with a good personality. Vincent is sure 1 lucky chap. But whenever I think of Jinmei, 1 incident came to mind, her 21st birthday party. It's memorable for me.

I came to know Jinmei through ML. Other than ML, we do not have much mutual friends. KW, SC and MM are 2 of them. Jinmei rented a chalet at East Coast Park to celebrate her 21st birthday, and she invited KW, SC, MM and me. Her good friend ML is invited of course, and they are the only people I know who attended the party, and it's a big party.

KW and I went to the chalet early. We played some card games with Jinmei and her friends, and when the time comes, we started the fire for barbecue. And there lies the memorable part of the party. KW and I were stuck in the barbecue pit cooking for the rest of the night. That and the fact that i don't know a single person who come and get the food from us makes me feel like a hired cook, except that I am not paid for it. In fact, I paid for it.

It's not really Jinmei's fault of course. She's busy entertaining the guests that keep coming, and I am glad to be able to help out.

[IMAGE: Marina Mandarin]
Marina Mandarin

Enough of history and fast forward back to the wedding. The dinner is held at Marina Mandarin. I arrived at the wedding at about 7:30pm. I forgot to bring an Ang Bao, so I get Cindy to bring me the red packet while I went to withdraw money at the ATM. Stupidly, the machine do not dispense $10 note, and I have to change machine. Fortunately, the other machine has $10 note in it.

[IMAGE: Me and Jinmei]
Me and Jinmei
When I arrived, there's no one whom I know there. Fortunately I spotted Jinmei after awhile. It's quite rare to see the bride during cocktail reception as they are normally still doing make up at that time.

[IMAGE: KW, KW's partner, Jinmei and me]
KW, KW's partner, Jinmei and me
Just as I was taking a picture with Jinmei, KW came. Just as I just going to get bored. I was telling KW that at least this time we won't be cook. Haha!

[IMAGE: Our table]
Our table
KW, Cindy and me were in the same table. The guests in our table belong to the miscellaneous category. We are all friends who do not have much mutual friends with her, except maybe Cindy. And other than me and Cindy, the rest are all couples...

[IMAGE: Wedding flavor]
Wedding flavor
They have cute bears as the wedding flavor. 1 bear per guest, so some will get a male bear, others will get a female bear. I managed to find the female companion for my bear.

[IMAGE: 1st March In]
1st March In
I've not met Vincent before. I've only seen his picture from Jinmei's MSN picture. But he does not look like this. Boy, much slimmed he has become.

[IMAGE: Cake cutting]
Cake cutting
And on to the stage they goes for cake cutting.

[IMAGE: Dinner]
And dinner begins!

[IMAGE: Champagne pouring]
Champagne pouring
Like all Chinese wedding dinner, after about the 4th dish, is the 2nd march in. Just before the march in, we were treated to a clip about the morning's activity. There are 3 clips in total for this wedding. The 1st clip consists pictures of taken during their wedding photo shoot, and it's show before the dinner starts. The 2nd clip consists of their growing up pictures. It's shown just before the 1st march in. This 3rd clip before the 2nd march in is very very very long. It's the length of 4 songs. I've not taken any nice pictures during the 2nd march in, only the champagne pouring pictures.

[IMAGE: Cross hand nuptial toast]
Cross hand nuptial toast
And the cross hand nuptial toast picture.

[IMAGE: Wedding toast]
Wedding toast
After the cross hand nuptial toast is the wedding toast. I was quite tempted to go join the yam seng party. I want that champagne.

They started making their photo taking rounds quite late. After 10pm. We have prepared a few games for them, but since it's so late, we told them to come back to us when they are finished with the photo taking. After the photo taking, they have to stand outside the ball room door to thank exiting guests. I wonder if they started it late on purpose...

[IMAGE: Rag tag band]
Rag tag band
Our rag tag band of guests were actually quite united. 6 of us actually stayed and wait for the entire guests to leave and play the game with them. Cindy actually prepared a concoction for them. But the waiters and waitresses cleared them away without our knowing. What considerate waiters and waitresses they are.

Luckily the chicken parts were intact. We have a chicken head, chicken breast, chicken wing and a chicken backside. They are put on 4 different plates and covered with a bowl. The bridegroom supposed to randomly pick 1. If he picked the chicken head, he'll kiss the bride on the lips. If he picked the chicken breast, he'll kiss her on the boobschest. If he picked the chicken wing, he'll kiss her armpit. If he picked the chick backside, he'll kiss her ass. And he'll have to keep kissing the respective part until we've finished with our yam seng. So far, I've played this game quite a number of times, and the bridegroom always managed to pick the chicken head.

[IMAGE: Kiss]
Vincent is no exception.

I've drank quite a lot in the wedding. I am no where near drunk, so I was a bit high. I hope I did not behave too boisterous. I sometimes do that when I am high. and I forgot to pass them the Ang Bao after Cindy has passed me the red packet. I'll just have to find some way to pass them the Ang Bao.

Update: According to Bel, who heard it from Cindy, I really am talking quite loudly. And everyone on my table was asking her to be careful with me. Sigh. I know I sometimes tend to talk more loudly when I am high. But I am still very sober. Bel was saying it's not good to let people know you are high; it gives people a bad impression of you. Sigh. Wanna have fun also must consider alotta things. What is it about people that they like to pass judgement on people they barely know. Grr.

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