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Sunday, February 26, 2006

The couple and us
Jinfeng is getting married to Alice today. He's the 4th among us to be married. Seems like only yesterday that we knew each other, but this is actually the 18th year. How time flies.

[IMAGE: Bridegroom and brothers]
Bridegroom and brothers
I went to Jinfeng's house at 8pm. His house is less than 5min walk from mine. How convenient for me. We are to set off for Alice's place at 8:30pm, but we did not leave the place until 8:45pm. Such a relaxed wedding it is. :)

[IMAGE: Bridal car]
Bridal car
Of course, it helps that Alice's place is 1 minute drive from their new house. How convenient for all of us.

[IMAGE: At the door]
At the door
When we arrived at the door, they refused to open it.

[IMAGE: At the window]
At the window
We have to talk to them through the window. It's a big window though. Much much much bigger than the door.

Luckily for us, this bunch of sisters is not that bad. They only ask Jiafeng to act as tree while Jinfeng and Quanming act like an Indian couple playing hide and seek at the tree.

[IMAGE: Morning drink]
Morning drink
Then we have to drink the 5 cups of drinks that they prepared. All of the drinks are not that hard to drink. But there are 6 of us! And Danny got away...

[IMAGE: Ang bao haggling]
Ang bao haggling
Next is ang bao haggling time. Jinfeng gave them $8000. In ruppiah. They refused of course! Haha! They did open the door after awhile when Jinfeng gave them a 2nd ang bao.

[IMAGE: 2nd door]
2nd door
There's 1 last test before the bride will open the door. Jinfeng have to recite a poem to her in Cantonese. He can't speak Cantonese to save his life, so it's pretty hilarious. We wrote the poem in English, and his mother-in-law is the translator.

[IMAGE: Unveiling the bride]
Unveiling the bride
The moment we have all been waiting for. He did not kiss her on the lips though. So disappointing. This is the first wedding I went to where the kiss is on the cheeks. Such shy fellas they are.

[IMAGE: Tea ceremony]
Tea ceremony
They had the tea ceremony at Alice's place before going to Jinfeng's place.

[IMAGE: To the car]
To the car
Look at Alice, she must be very happy with her catch! :)

[IMAGE: In the car]
In the car
This picture looks simple, but we had a hard time taking it. This picture is taken on the way to Jinfeng's place. We are moving on roads and not expressways. There are a lot of other cars on the road and we have to speed up from behind to overtake them and yet at the same time avoid crashing into other cars. The newlyweds also have to realize that we are there and open the window. All the efforts and it doesn't show on the pictures. I should have capture video. @#$!%&^*

[IMAGE: Below Jinfeng's place]
Below Jinfeng's place
Finally we arrived at Jinfeng's place. There's no available parking, so we parked in the reserved parking lot. I hope the ticket aunties will not put their commission above spoiling the mood of the wedding. :P

Anyway, it's a car license nice number on Jinfeng's left side. 4D anyone?

[IMAGE: At Jinfeng's place]
At Jinfeng's place
At Jinfeng's place is the tea ceremony and then off to Ritz Carlton we go!

[IMAGE: View from Jinfeng's]
View from Jinfeng's
I thought his place has a nice view.

[IMAGE: Below Jinfeng's place]
Below Jinfeng's place
She's really going to hold on to her catch. :P

At Ritz Carlton
They gave us a room at Ritz Carlton. It's a nice room. I think it's better than Garry's at Raffles Hotel. But Raffles Hotel's toilet is better. RC also gave them 3 cute bears, 2 gigantic sandwich and chocolates. We did not finish the sandwiches.

[IMAGE: At the reception]
We rested for awhile at the hotel room, and then to the wedding reception. The reception is just like any other. Guest loitering around sipping, on their drinks and talking with the relatives while waiting for the hall door to open.

[IMAGE: Solemization]
Before lunch can begin, it's the solemization ceremmony. They've got JP David Loh to do it for them. I seems to see him at every out of ROM solemnization. He's sure is a popular guy. And he speaks like Yoda.

[IMAGE: It's for real]
It's for real
Confirmed. Signed. Married. :)

[IMAGE: Cake cutting]
Cake cutting

[IMAGE: Lunch begins]
Lunch begins
And lunch begins!

It's a buffet lunch. The food is quite nice. Midway though the meal, they went around each table taking pictures with the guests. And then it's game time. Before the game commerce, the MC go around to a few tables and tried to get at least 1 friend from each stage of their lives to say nice things about them. Quanming is our spokesperson.

The game for Jinfeng and Alice is to ask them questions and compare if their answers are similar. And that about wraps up the day. Quanming gave me and Danny a ride home.

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