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Friday, March 03, 2006

Parents are going to Hong Kong tomorrow, and they wanted to get some bak kua for the Hong Kong relatives. I am being tasked to do it.

I arranged to meet Clarice for lunch at the Hans at the National Library. I was late for 10 minutes. :P After lunch, I walked her back to her office, which I realize is near to Parkview. So I called YP out for a drink and talk about what funds are there that I can buy with CPF. We met at Yakun, which is just nice for me as I am supposed to get 3 bottles of Kaya jam. But I forgot to buy it when I left. @#!$%^&*

Samwin and Bel had wanted to watch Munich later tonight, so I walked to Bugis, and find that it's not showing there. Next I walked to Shaw House and bought the tickets. From Shaw House, I took a bus to Pearl Center for comic shopping, then walked to the Lin Zhi Yuan to get the Bak Kuas.

From LZY, I walked to Funan Center to get the Yakun kaya. Should have gone to the 1 at Tanjong Pagar or the 1 at Far East Square. Funan is much further.

The Bak Kuas are quite heavy and I am quite glad to finally reach my bus stop. Along the way, I saw my bus and I just felt too tired to chase it, so I have to wait some time for the next bus. The bus to take me home.

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