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Saturday, March 04, 2006

I neglect to tell Bel that I am having dinner at home today. And Samwin also had his dinner when he come meet us, and that leaves Bel the only 1 who has not eaten anything. And by the time we arrived, there's only 10 minutes left before the movie starts. In the end, she did not eat anything.

Munich is very boring. I can't really understand what is going on. Maybe I am too stupid, but then so is Samwin and Bel.

After the movie, Samwin and Bel went home, and I go to Chinatown to join Sharon, Sotong and Thierry for a KTV session. I took bus 961 from in front of Shaw Tower, which gave me a sense of deja vu as that is the 2nd time I took 961 from that location to the same destination.

We sing until 2 am before making our way to Maxwell market. I am the only 1 who wanted to eat, so they go there only to watch me eat. Thierry and Sharon had some fun playing with honing their chopsticks skills with a lime.

After supper, I shared cab with Sharon while Sotong and Thierry shared 1 cab back.

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