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Sunday, March 05, 2006


18 shots on goal, 10 of them on target. 12 corners. 66% procession. 0 goals.

There's 1 which should have been but wasn't.

I don't know, but I always got this impression that the referees are against us. I always see our players being brought down in the box with no penalty awarded, especially Crouch. It's like there's a rule in the soccer rulebook that say penalties don't apply to Liverpool.

And we probably have the most Man of the Match awards to our opponent keepers. Some of those 18 shots were not well taken enough. Those that were well taken, we have the heroics of Myhre. Tough luck. And when we finally beat him, they have the linesman to get them out of it.

We really need to start scoring regularly soon. With Cisse, Fowler and Morientes, all prolific scorers, this shouldn't be too hard.

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